Tapah swadhaya ishwara pranidhanani kriya yogah

Swadhaya – Self-study for better self-awareness..


Swadhaya, ie self-study is not only very insightful but also very meditative. As you study yourself, you become intuitive of your actions and reactions. This is the insight that we gain on physical and mental level.

The other day while parking my car, I banged it against the wall. I knew that I was supposed to step on the brake but was completely distracted. My five senses played havoc on my monthly budget. This made me realize as to why even if we know what is wrong and what is right for us, we still most of the time make the wrong choice. It’s the distraction the lures our five senses.

So moral is just like the distraction created a serious dent on my car and my bank balance, the fact that we let these five senses over power our mind (esp. sight, taste and smell) and eat without thinking, keeps on creating a series of infinite dent on our soul carrier – THE BODY.

Such accidents makes us more alert while driving but does this happen even if we know we are constantly abusing the body with food. Then why, only the loss of our materialistic possessions makes us cringe?

If with practice you can become a better driver who is alert and aware, practice the same for yourself too. Know yourself, be aware of your actions and study the reactions…. Keep walking on the path of self-awareness  

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