Vulnerability is the birth place of joy, creativity, belonging and love


Be open, why hide your emotions, stories or your feelings. I cannot understand how anyone can bear the heaviness of being closed. I say this, because I have done it in the past and trust me, I have burnt my fingers, toes, limbs – you name it.

Now, I am open, I am vulnerable and yes that doesn’t mean I am weak or need support or sympathy. It’s the strength that comes when you are you without any mask. Telling your true story is not exposing yourself, but sharing the choices you made in the past for your better future. Most of these stories from the past are accompanied with a scar, say your story loud, share the piece of your life with people around you. You may never know, that might turn out to be the piece of puzzle to heal someone else’s life.

Blessed to be in a profession where I get to meet some strong individuals, get to hear their stories and struggles as I share mine. The warmth, love and strength I receive is unconditional. Truly blessed

Open your heart, let it speak, but yes keep your mind stable and in peace…

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