Mrs. Chandana Bhowmick is a trained teacher in Yoga from The Yoga Institute of Santacruz, Mumbai.
She did an extensive teacher training here in 2010 and she contributed to a number of our publication and extent end our plans for working with corporate.
Her communication skills and application of Yoga for both individuals and groups is excellent.
She has both excellent qualities of both head and heart.
Her addition to your team would be an deliver a great boon.

Mrs. Desai

I am positively impressed with the depth of knowledge Chandana has on yoga and its benefits. Her yoga teaching technique coupled with information amazes me. Just to put it straight my flexibility has improved drastically

Mahesh Sagaonkar

Being a working professional, I often overlook many important aspects that perform a vital role in our life. Some of these like introspection, mind and body balance, etc. seemed to have faded away, but after regularly attending your sessions, I got a feeling of rejuvenation of both my mind and soul. And, this I think makes the real difference in your classes. I have learnt a lot from you and look forward to improvise myself by being a part of your invaluable guidance. Thanks a lot Chandana.

Sakshi Kapoor

I have been attending Chandan's session very regularly.She is very passionate and dedicated teacher.She has the ability to understand each student's limitation in acheiving that perfect asanas.
Gives lot of insight on why one should do any particular Yoga.
Delight to workout under her guidance

Mukesh Agarwal

Chandana's sessions are a great mix of a high energy workout and relaxation and breathing techniques that leave you feeling refreshed and prepared for the rest of the day. She helps you to push your limits and to train your mind to do more than you thought possible. Good fun!

Khushnoor Dastoor

Chandana, you are an excellent teacher. 🙂
Your Yoga classes are what we look forward to attend . You are great motivator and ensure each posture is done perfectly. You have the ability to keep the class engaged and attract people to yoga.Its really amazing to watch you demonstrate the postures( asanas) it makes me feel it so easy and eventually increase my flexibility. Your mastery over the subject keeps me attentive and keep wanting to listen more and more..

This isn't flattery 😉 its true fact ..

Gitanjali Kulkarni

"I am glad that i came across chandana at air fitness at vimanagar. she is an amazing instructor with enormous grace and poise. i like the instructional quality which is of the highest standards. She is highly motivated and takes great care while teaching. The yoga classes are fun filled yet very effective and persuasive. She combines spirituality and strength in her workout regime along with fantastic dose of cardio vascular exercise. I am truly blessed to have attended her classes and have derived enormous benefits. god bless and keep up the good work."

Rajesh Jain

"On behalf of India First Life Insurance Co Ltd, Pune would like to thank you for conducting a refreshing session for the emplyoees. It enable us to understand that how we can nurture our body and soul to strike a balance in professional and personal life with a serene state of mind.
We appreciate your efforts put in to make the session not only enriching but a fun-filling as well."

Sumita Khilwani