Purusha & Prakriti – the eternal love story of consistency through changes

1391832_10151759076508264_1524943640_nI worship Shiva and Shakti.. their relationship is what defines life. One is the constant stable consciousness and the other is the beautiful dancer of evolution and change.

Both complete each other, similarly in our lives, the wheel moves only when we dance like the flickering flame of evolution and we are happy and content when the consciousness is always steady and balance. We are individuals ( the ego less I ) living in harmony ( the ego less I accepting and surrendering to changes ) with others.

Shiva, the man in eternal bliss, the wick that never gets disturbed. Shakti, the vibrant flame that sways with the change of time, wind, season and heat.  Together they generate orja – light and heat – LIFE.

Be yourself, the constant you but be flexible to change with the change in time, you shall be the light, support, passion or reason for your life as well as others…

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